Tongits Go Rules

Tongits, a popular Filipino card game, has made its way online, making it more accessible and fun than ever before. Tongits enthusiasts may now enjoy their beloved game from the comfort of their own homes due to the rise of online casinos. 


How To Play Tongits Go Online? 

Every player in Tongits is initially dealt 12 cards, and the objective remains the same: form sets and runs to clear your hand of all cards. This game demands strategic thinking and meticulous planning, as players can employ tactics such as card theft and blocking opponents’ moves. Moreover, mastering Tongits go in legal casino such as Bet88ph requires players to possess excellent memory and observation skills to keep track of the played cards.

The Deal

The initial deal gives 12 cards to both non-dealing players and 13 cards to the dealer. In playing Tongits go online, the dealer would be decided by random means. Simply put, when the cards are shuffled, the player with the highest card becomes the dealer for that round.

Once the dealer is chosen, they will then deal out their cards, while the remaining cards in the deck will be placed in the center of the playing table. The remaining cards are called stocks, which players can use to replenish their cards during the game. 

The tongits game is officially considered to have started when the dealer discards one card from one of their 13 cards. Then players have the option to either draw a card from the stock or pick up the top card from the discard pile of the dealer. Additionally, players can choose to meld cards from their hand by laying down sets or runs of three or more cards of the same rank or suit.

The Game

Each tongits player must draw one card from the stock and put one card on the discard pile at the beginning and end of their turn.

To make a set, you just add more cards to a mix that is already on the board.

Melds are specific groups of cards. In Tongits, each card has a certain number of points associated with it. These points are added to a player’s total only at the end of the game with the cards they still have in their hands.

Ending the Game

There are numerous ways that tongits can end in order to calculate point values.


The “Draw” is the common way to end the game. To draw, the person who thinks their cards are worth the least can say “draw.” A draw can be called at any time, but it is considered rude to do so at the start of the game unless there are double hits in a row. If a player decides to challenge the Draw, they have the opportunity to potentially win the round if they have the lowest point total among all Players. 

When drawing, players must keep in mind the following:

When a player is “Burned”  they can’t challenge a draw because they don’t have any melds on the board or the four-of-a-kind.

A player can’t question a Draw unless they have played at least one meld or have the “secret,” which is a four-of-a-kind or a set of all four cards of a certain rank. (such as straight etc)

Double Hit

The Double Hit is another part of the game that comes from the game Mahjong.

If, at the beginning of the game, after the Dealer has discarded, a Player is able to meld and set all 12 cards in their hand without drawing more cards or getting rid of any, they have “Double Hit.” The Player wins the game right away, and any bets that may be due to that Player are paid out right away.

Stock out

One such way of ending the game is the “stock-out.” All of the cards in the stock or in the center have been drawn in a stock-out situation. When this happens, the game immediately ends when the stocks runs out. All left cards in the players’ hands will be calculated based on their points.


The most satisfying conclusion to the game occurs when a player empties their cards entirely. At this point, players can promptly declare ‘tongit,’ securing an instant victory as soon as they place down their final card. This declaration, when made, guarantees an automatic win for the player, reducing their point value in the tally to 0.