Mines Playing and Winning

Mines casino games, available in 2022 from Hacksaw, was a hit in MrQ’s Quick Picks casino games. Mines, based on the PC game “Minesweeper,” has a grid of tasty cash awards and deadly Mine symbols.

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Mine Playing

  • Start betting by selecting your level and pressing Bet.
  • Click grid spaces to show the diamond or mine symbols.
  • When a player finds a diamond, the win value increases, and they receive another pick.
  • Discovering a mine results in the termination of the round and the loss of all victories.
  • You can cash out after any diamond to win and finish the round.
  • At the start of each game, you can set the grid size (3×3–9×9) and mine count (1–80).
  • Grid size, the number of completed picks, and the number of active mines determine payments.

Mine-Winning Tips

The method to win in mines is to pick places without mine symbols and cash out before finding one. Cashing out any successful pick increases the win value with more consecutive picks.

You can also set the number of active areas and mines on the grid. The number of mine spots and grid size affect winning values, with larger grids having the most potential.


Increase Your Bets

Mixing up your bet levels helps you learn the rules and increase your winnings. Start small to learn the ropes, then experiment with different options and bet levels to fit your play style.

Promote Patterns

Despite Mines’ RNG nature, selecting spots in a pattern can help you play rounds faster and build a winning streak. Your pattern might be long or short, but make sure to cash out when you’re satisfied with your round earnings.

Setting a Superstar

Mines offers a customizable grid and the ability to have 1–80 mines active on the grid. Explore these options and try different grid spaces and mines to find what works for you.

Mines Martingale

Roulette’s favorite method works well for mine. Basically, double your wager after every Mine symbol round and cash out when your bet covers the preceding round’s loss. Lower your bet after each win and keep going until a mine sign appears. Make adjustments to your betting behavior through repetition.

Safe and Sound

This approach benefits people who want to test the waters. Set a stake limit and cash out when you win above it to conclude the round. Change the mine settings to add or remove mines, and adjust your bets to your liking.

Mine Master

You can travel how far? This method is for individuals who want to play harder by selecting as many places as possible before finding a mine sign. To maximize your profits per round, keep playing until you’re confident in choosing a mine area before cashing out. Adjust settings to change the experience and add cash prizes by adding or removing mines.


Variety is the spice of life, and this technique allows it. Mix and blend play types and rule sets to fully experience Mines. Consider it a buffet of Mines strategies to choose your favorite. Keep it affordable and play comfortably.

Have fun

This works for any play styleor strategy and focuses on fun! Keep track of your spending and play times to keep your session fun and manageable. Our broad variety of fully customizable Safer Gaming Tools can help you set limitations on deposits, play sessions, and account breaks.

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