Live Dealer Games at Online Casino in Bet88

Live dealer games casinos at Bet88 compete with land-based casinos in the fast-paced world of online technology. Real-time game streaming is possible because of faster internet and more powerful computers and laptops. It has grown in popularity among table game enthusiasts during the past two decades. Casino operators rapidly saw a steady increase in participation and added actual dealer games, now standard.

live dealer games

How Live Dealer Games Are Set Up

Pulling it together for live broadcasting requires sophisticated construction to ensure all “bells and whistles” operate.

Game Control Unit (GCU) – Players know the RNG that creates fair and unpredictable game results. The RNG determines your victory or loss. Live tables don’t have this. Instead, the GCU replaces it. One of the most essential pieces of equipment for digitizing cards and wheels. A tiny gadget encodes video for broadcasting.

Camera – lights, camera, action! Powerful lenses at various angles around tables provide clear sight. A “picture in picture” window in the corner of your screen offers a full view of the room. Two-way viewing lets the deal see bets and players. Avoid being noticed if you’re camera shy by sitting discreetly.

Quality Optical Camera Recognition records every table detail. Players access it via streaming video. Bets, cards shuffled, wheel spins, and dealt cards are all tracked. It replaces brick-and-mortar casinos’ eye-in-the-sky.

Live game hosts must be professional dealers. It follows Las Vegas dealer hiring standards. Hosting games requires experience and knowledge of the rules.

live dealer games

The Pros and Cons of Live Dealer Games Casinos

The Ups

  • The ease of playing happily at home
  • Camera technology allows players to monitor the dealer and gaming, including a recorded session.
  • Other table action is simultaneous for a land-wide effect.
  • Chat allows player-dealer interaction.
  • Many sites offer bankroll-boosting bonuses but no complimentary drinks at the tables.
  • Clocks or TVs in the background justify real-time streaming.


  • Table modifications are limited.
  • Minimum bets exceed brick-and-mortar properties.
  • There are several rules to follow.
  • Limited schedules and availability
  • Misses one-on-one interaction
live dealer games

Table Games Available at Live Dealer Games

It offers many varieties of games like French, European, and Spanish roulette that are not found at your local casino.

Standard game options:

Casino games: Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette

Casino Hold’em

Texas Hold’em, Sic Bo

Make sure the online casino is registered and regulated before signing up. Find the greatest bonuses, VIP programs, and rated sites. Microgaming, Play tech, and Evolution are top live dealer software. Live table games are limited in the U.S. due to law. Bet88 live dealer games invite you to play at an online casino to win more money and get bonuses.